Tamarack Skin Protection Pants with GlideWear TM technology


Tamarack skin protection pants with GlideWear TM technology are a two-layer, low friction fabric that's breathable, comfortable and feels good against the skin.

Features & Benefits:
-Designed specifically for kids with EB
-Stretchy, non-binding design
-Protects skin in high-risk areas (front and back of knees)
-Stretches to accommodate wound dressings
-Materials: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex (does not contain latex)

Tamarack is excited to partner with debra to bring GlideWear technology to people with EB. This collaboration will allow access to resources and products, related to the challenges encountered because of EB, in one location.

Glidewear is being made by Tamarack as a humanitarian effort. debra of America is honored to serve as the platform to access Glidewear products our community knows and loves.

**Please note - Shipping on all Glidewear by Tamarack orders takes 2 - 3 weeks.**