Half Panel Tamarack Pre-Ply Low-Friction Fabric of GlideWearTM Technology (30"x60") in Black


Half Panel

Instructions for use:

Pre-Ply Integration Instructions

GlideWearTM Low-Friction Fabric is extremely slippery so it is prepared with a temporary, water-soluble adhesive for easy cutting and sewing (making it "Pre-Ply"). All standard cutting and sewing can be used with Pre-Ply. All cutting and sewing should be done before washing out the adhesive. Once integrated into a finished item, Pre-Ply must be laundered to remove the adhesive. Therefore, the "GlideWear Low-Friction Effect" will not be detectable until after laundering.

Pattern, Cut & Sew

The fabric can be handled, cut and sewn in any traditional method. The best stitching technique for a specific item varies based on factors such as item, design, and material combinations.

When creating a product for consumers with reduced sensation (neuropathy or very sensitive skin, flat seams - placed away from parts of the body that are at a higher risk for skin breakdown - are recommended. It is recommended that GlideWearTM fabric be incorporated strategically, only in the areas where skin protection and/or reduced friction are needed.

Tamarack is excited to partner with debra to bring GlideWearTM technology to people with EB. This collaboration will allow access to resources and products, related to the challenges encountered because of EB, in one location.

GlidewearTM is being made by Tamarack as a humanitarian effort. debra of America is honored to serve as the platform to access GlidewearTM products our community knows and loves.

**Please note - Shipping on all GlidewearTM by Tamarack orders takes 2 - 3 weeks.**