#WeFightEB Awareness Bracelets


#WeFightEB Selfie Campaign

This EB Awareness Week, we want to celebrate the power of “We”! Let’s show the world that although we might be rare, we are not alone. From now through October 31, 2016, snap a selfie with a #WeFightEB bracelet & share on your social media pages with the hashtags: #WeFightEB and #EBweek. Don’t forget to tag debra of America in your photo or post!

Why participate? Your selfie will help us fight EB! A friend of debra of America and EB advocate will donate $10 towards research for EB for each selfie that is posted with your #WeFightEB bracelet and tagged with debra of America. You can find debra of America on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Let’s empower each other one selfie at a time, because together, #WeFightEB!